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Mod Type:: Recovery

Difficulty:: Moderate

Mod Status:: Beta

Apply In:: Fastboot

Requires Root:: Yes

These are test builds of TWRP that should allow you to back up data that is larger than 2GB without compression (compression still works though). These have not been extensively tested yet. They will break the backup into multiple <= 1.5GB files. The 1.5GB size doesn't take into account compression because we have no idea how compressible the data will be. Feel free to test these out and let me know.

Sprint aka toroplus:
Verizon aka toro:
GSM aka maguro:

I also changed the UTC build date to 0 so these builds should get rid of some of the annoying sideload error 7 assert failed errors.

Install via fastboot, either fastboot boot twrp-toroplus-2.1.8TEST.img or fastboot flash recovery twrp-toroplus-2.1.8TEST.img
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