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HIi have a similar issue. I am unable to send any SMS from my Showcase (Cellular South). Sometimes the person on the other end may get a blank bubble, but for the most part they dont even go through. (also posted this in the CM7 thread)

Started at EE25 - texts work
Odin to EH09 (now had EH09 modem) - didnt try texts
Flashed CM7 (didnt do the fixed version though) - texts didnt work
Tried wiping and using fixed CM7 - didnt work (and broke data - fixed with ODIN EFS clear and *228) - texts didnt work
Tried going back to EE25 (still had EH09 modem though after flash) - texts didnt work
Tried flashing the older EE19 modem - texts didnt work
Tried Odin to EH09 again (now EH09 modem again) - texts didnt work
Just did fixed CM7 - - texts didnt work

Update: flashed the ee25 modem from the update thread, on a couple different variants, no luck

Anyone know what the next steps should be? I couldnt even get the texts to work back at full stock. I was suprise though when I flashed back to full stock EE25 that the modem didnt revert. Did I do something wrong, is there a specific cellular south modem out there?

Appreciate any advice that anyone can give.
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