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Mastur Mods
Custom theme for

2.4 | 1.1.4 | 19


The devs for making these awesome ROMs<br />
DT for making me a part of the TH3ORY T3AM<br />
DH for putting up with all my BS questions<br />
Google for all out electronic deserts<br />
Samsung for being the shell to house the deserts<br />
Verizon for not locking the bootloader<br />
Everyone who nominated me for the Rootswiki Nexus contest<br />
All of my testers for bearing with me through all the fudge ups<br />
xkape and B-Boy for their blacked out apps<br />
travp624 for a TON of black apps for bases<br />
Gunnermike53 for the black Twitter base


Base Theme
Fully themed UI
Mastur Mods Wallpapers
HON3YCR3AM carrier label

Themed Black Contacts
Themed Black Messaging
Themed Black Phone
Themed Black Twitter

Themed Black Calculator
Themed Black Calendar
Themed Black File Manager
Themed Black Gmail
Themed Black Market

Themed CM Music
Themed Black Clock
Themed Black GTalk
Themed Black Youtube


1.3 |==================================<br />
Added alternate battery download link<br />
Added custom themed Trebuchet link<br />
Gtalk black on black issue fixed<br />
<br />
1.4 |==================================<br />
Rebuilt for 2.4<br />
Custom Notifications<br />
Rebuilt all apps<br />
Themed search soft key for CM settings<br />
Tons more that I can't remember<br />
<br />
1.4.1 |================================<br />
Fixed black on black issues in Talk again<br />
Custom Bootanmiation WILL BE ADDED SOON<br />
"DROID" ringtones for anyone who still loves them WILL BE ADDED SOON<br />
TONS of blacked out apps check the FEATURES section above<br />
<br />
2.0 |==================================<br />
Begin adding support for multiple ROMs<br />
Added transparency option<br />
Streamlined download/upload selection process<br />
MORE... Just look around




Alternate Battery

App Packs

Pack 1: Communication

Pack 2: Email and Tools

Pack 3: Media and Chat

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I'm talking about the soft keys, the color of blue is dark, so in certain lighting conditions it's hard to see them against the black background.

Also if you can match the color of the signal bars to the clock and battery, rather than have the signal bars/soft keys be one color and the battery icon/clock be different

I hope I'm being helpful, as intended, and not coming across as picky =)

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Its all the same color my friend... Just different levels of transparency. I'll look into it some and try to get a fix for it. I'm more than likely going to be making some modifications to the charging animation. Not sure yet, but I definitely plan on having a decent update before morning =)

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Very nice so far. To further complete the transformation, I also flashed inverted contacts and gtalk from xkape. Everything seems to play together nicely. I do have a suggestion. The message icon looks lost on the dock. Instead of a black icon with blue outline, just turn the green to blue? So it matches the rest of the icons better? Its also smaller than the others. Also on the soft key background. How about making the soft keys opaque, and adding some translucence to the background, might as well make the notification bar match as well. They look out of place, being a different color. Now I just need to convince someone to activate the menu area on the softkey with no icon. I will continue to run this theme.

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First of all great work! I always ran Hon3ycr3am on the Bionic and now I think this is going to be my theme of choice again. I didnt think it was possible to improve the look of ICS but this definitely does it.

Next I want to throw some suggestions your way since its still in the building phase.

I think the gmail icon would look cool if it had the ICS blue in place of the white. I like the way it looks but it seems a little out of place being completely black and white.

Could the messaging icon be a little bigger? It seems a tad small compared to the others.

Is it possible to modify the default icon in messaging for when you don't have a picture for a contact? If you look in the phone list its a darker gray. It just seems to be too much contrast with the rest of the blacked out UI.

The last one is most likely not possible but would be cool. I think it would be cool if there was a way to put a small slightly transparent possibly glowing ICS blue border around "popups" such as the power menu. It just hard to see the edge when they are blacked out and I think it would give it some cool definition. This is probably a core change though and likely not just a theming thing.

Sorry for the long list, just things I was thinking about, you don't have to do any of them and I will still use the theme. Great work and I cant wait to see the progression here.
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