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- The Gingerbread Beta Thread - *Now on 2.3.4*

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This thread is for Gingerbread beta's... Starting out it's going to be JVP Beta 1. JVP is based on Samsung's XXJVP 2.3.4 Gingerbread for the i9000. I've included home haptic feedback, full exchange support with the Galaxy S 2's Email app, Nexus-like theming, and several AOSP apps. These won't be without their bugs, but they won't be bad bugs. Maybe an app FC here and there, or an icon problem... Nothing big, just not ready to be stable software.

Install instructions are in the JVH 2.0 thread, and since this is beta you should know what you're doing. If you're uncomfortable with beta software, try my JVH 2.0 Stable release.

Also, all ROM's posted by me are hosted on a private webserver, so none of the 3rd party download sites.

- Download JVP Beta 1 Here -

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Is this Gingerbread Beta still live? I seemed to have followed you over here from attdroids Dorian, lol. I always thought your ROMs were top-notch. If there is anything in testing, I would be glad to test it out for you.
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