Well well, if this isn't a pleasant surprise! If you are of my generation, then you might fondly remember the many days that you wasted away playing the latest Sonic the Hedgehog title. I don't think that I would even be able to put a number to the insane amount of hours I put in to many a SEGA game. While I don't have nearly the same time to devote to gaming these days, it is always fond to look back at the way things were. Then when something like the Humble Bundle Mobile SEGA edition comes along , well, I can't find one thing to complain about.

It isn't every day that an Android-exclusive bundle comes along, so when the folks over at the Humble Bundle announced the SEGA bundle for Android earlier today it didn't take me long to look into picking one up. I'm no stranger to the Bundles, and if you happen to be a regular reader here, then you should be intimately familiar with them as well. You don't need me to tell you that they are a great way to support both developers and charities. Usually those charities are the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play, however they have been changing things up as of late. This go-'round, with the Mobile Bundle you can support Child's Play, Unicef and WaterAid. When you make your choice to pick up the Bundle - and you are going to, right? - you can pay whatever amount you please, as well as selecting where your hard earned dollars are going.

Enough explanation, let's see what can be had for this Android-exclusive Mobile SEGA Bundle:

No matter what you choose to spend, those three titles are yours. Of course, as with every other Humble Bundle, if you choose to go above and beyond and beat the average (currently at, get this, $3.80!) then you will also gain access to:

It's not a bad bundle, and ChuChu Rocket is one of the more excellent classic games - not to mention that Crazy Taxi is pretty good in its own right. At less than four bucks, it's a down right steal!

Source [Humble Bundle]