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wizard0f0s said:
Ok. Take a look at those missing folders. Depending on how you extracted the zip, you'll need to build at least one folder manually on you sdcard.

For example, I extracted using root explorer. This put the files in /sdcard/extracted/pb2.2. The script is looking for the files in /sdcard/speedsoftware/extracted/pb2.2. As PB was the only thing in my extracted folder, I created the speedsoftware folder and copied the entire extracted folder into it. Be sure to note the case in the error messages too. I believe Android is case sensitive. So if it is showing that you don't have the folder /sdcard/speedsoftware/"Extracted", building one called "extracted" wont match.
Finally got it! Now, how do you know if the unthrottle hack took
1 - 6 of 972 Posts
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