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Here's the lowdown on the Ally's newest rom, StormDroid

atc3030, the founder of StormDroid has left the team as his personal life is filled to the top and he has no time for developing. He has handed StormDroid down to j2cool and myself.

In other news, the one and only remicks has joined the StormDroid Team. He will be the themer and web service guru.I am the animations specialist, making the boot animation, splash animation, and the splash image. Ialso made the StormDroid videos in the post below. cr5315 is the aspiring rom dev, taking atc3030's place on the StormDroid Team.

In other other news, in the coming weeks, we will be putting the finishing touches on... The StormDroid website. This is where you will be able to download the rom, and see sneak previews of future versions.

Keep checking back here for updated info on the StormDroid Situation.

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