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The switch

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I'm thinking of switching my carrier from Verizon to something else. I have unlimited data with Verizon now so its my main reason to stay (this to shall pass). My main reason to change carriers is for devices. I noticed AT&T and T-Mobile get better phones all the time compared to Verizon's line up. So my main question is this, "Is a carrier switch worth it simply for a better device?" If so is AT&T my best choice or should I still consider T-Mobile?

Please try not to carrier bash in this thread. This is not what its for nor is it my goal. Thanks!

PS - I have an iPhone because it was cheaper to repair than my Thunderbolt at the time... worst mistake I ever made!
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AT&T seems to still allow people to choose the old plans (minutes and data). When I switch in a couple of months I'll get the 3 GB plan.
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