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DarkHorse Sense Ported over from kfunk, You can find the original theme here for aosp roms Dark Horse for CM7

I have decided to take this theme over as a full time project, that is the reason for this thread.

If you don't see the rom of your choice in the list, feel free to request it.

List of things to do:
Change some more images
Fix app drawer
Theme more apps
Theme widgets to match the original theme
Finish Skin for Sense 3.0 Roms, "Wont need to flash the whole theme"
Wallpaper App, to apply the collection of wallpapers for Darkhorse that were provided by kFunk

DarkHorse ChangeLog:

Coming in v1.5
  • New themed widgets
  • Custom Rosie Icons
  • New Animations
  • New icons
  • Tweak the dialer
  • Themed Gmail
  • Themed Market

  • New lockscreen
  • Themed Dialer
  • Themed Messaging
  • Fixed some more images
  • Changed some status icons
  • Themed clock
  • Themed Rosie

  • New dialer "it will get better"
  • Fixed top status bar
  • removed a lot of broken images
  • Optimized all the images in the theme for faster loading and use less space
  • Did not fix rosie yet! but i will later this week.

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HTC EVO 3D Downloads:

Darkhorse 1.4 for Synergy & Shooter 2.3.4

Darkhorse 1.4 for ViperRom, Synergy & Shooter 2.3.3

Darkhorse 1.2 for OMJ.EVOZone.3D 2.3.3

Darkhorse 1.4 for OMJ.EVOZone.3D 2.3.

Expect it later today

Darkhorse for SteelRom 2.01
Later this week

Darkhorse 1.2 for WTSB Evo3D Sense

Darkhorse for FreEVO 3D 2.1 - 2.3.4
Later This week


HTC EVO 4G Downloads:

Darkhorse 1.2 for Kinged PYRAMID v1.4

Darkhorse 1.2 for Kinged Shooter 2.

Darkhorse 1.2 for Synergy RLS1

Darkhorse 1.2 for Synergy RLS1 GodMode
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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