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Theme based off the slate sense skin from HTC

theres a lot i liked about the original apk, but I hated the touchwiz like aqua colors associated with it, so went with the darker blue pressed and background images more akin to the metal apk when i made a standalone apk.

Since the sense skins can only affect htc resources and not system ui and framework-res (they can theme apks, which is why I chose to incorporate my better slate apk into the theme) I decided to turn this into a full theme.

*Theme is meant for tsm gingerbangsense 2.0.1...however it "should" work fine on rmk's gingersense rom for 2.3.4 ota...i made sure to include the services.jar from gingerbang so crt ani's will enable on rmk's rom and you wont bootloop*

***Will also work with sense 3 patch for gingerbang sense...however it wont theme the sense 3 lockscreen

What is Themed?
blue overscroll glow
status bar
most of framework-res, sys ui, settings, htc resources (and through skin apk) music, flip clock, progress bars

To Do:
theme htc_ime keyboard, more apks

HTC (for sense/metal skins)
the rest of TSM

10.7.11: updated rom for 2.0.1 version (2.3.4 ota) of tsm gingerbangsense...see notes about comptability with other roms/patches...removed htc ime kb because it would cause issues with sense 3 patch...will add acc battery and optional htc ime kb's by monday hopeully

9.17.11: updated for 1.7 of gingerbangvivow rom...themed htc ime kb...added accurate battery for version 1.7

9.9.11: initial release


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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