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*Im not responsible..well for anything that happens to your phone*

Here is a theme based off gingerbread aosp. Its nothing too elaborate as I only themed systemui.apk, framework-res.apk,, and pcscII.apk...but it looks nice imo :)

Disclaimer: The theme is built for and intended to be used on tsm gingerbangvanilla does work on tsm gingerbangsense 2.0.1 and will also work with the sense 3 patch (will remove sense 3 usb connect however) fairly certain it will also work with rmk's gingersense...but i havent tested it so i cant guarantee it.

*If you are using a rom with htc lockscreen in it, then obviously you will not see the themed aosp lockscreen as shown in pictures

*tsm launcher2 is shown in the launcher settings, change icons to gingerbread and dockbackground to gingerbread to complete look

google for images

Downloads and screenshots are in the 2nd post

10.7.11: initial release
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