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This is the new version of my Blu3 theme for DT's SHIFTS3NS3 ROM. A couple of Key items to point out:

I am not charging for this However I have had requests from MULTIPLE sites for someone to send me "beer money", if you are so inclined and would like to help with the new baby fund you can click the link at the bottom of this post!!!

I will be porting this into a SKIN for use on NON-Themed/NON-Rooted phones but I wanted to get it to you guys first for free If you like the work let me know please!!!

* My Theme will now be 4x5 based only. Don't fret all the needed files are included for your convenience
* Themed the Dialer based on Requests from the field
* Added More Transparency
* If you want it to look like the images shown you will need this wallpaper:

Things I did:

*All images inside of APK files and framework have been FULLY optimized (reduced the size even smaller than DT's Base ;-) )
*Removed the USB Debugging icon when connected to PC (It was really annoying)
*COMPLETLEY THEMED DIALER...This thing is awesome looking :)
*Changed some icons to a blue feel
*6 Signal Bar is either Blue/Yellow or Red depending on signal Strength (Still not the REAL 6 Signal Bar Mod)
*WiFi Icon is either Blue/Yellow or Red depending on signal Strength
*4G and 3G LTE Icons with Colored arrow animations
*Updated most notification icons to match the color scheme
*Changed System Font
*Changed Window Glow/Select Items
*Completeley Themed the HTC Clock (Fix Included for Time Wrap Issue)
*Completeley Themed the MMS App
*Completeley Themed the Mail App
*Themed the Rosie Bar and buttons to match
*Updated Contact Picture for those unknown callers
*Blue Lock Ring
*Transparent Glass Rosie on the bottom
*Blue Rosie Bar on Bottom of Lock Screen
*Other Blue theme things I cant remember right now


V2.1.1 - Fixed the Weather FC issue with the widget

V2.1 - Updated to the new 2.11.605.3 Base - Will work with all versions 1.4-1.6a

V2.0 - All new Build with Optimizations

BuffoGT - Themeing away at the BEST ROMs Out there by DROIDTH3ORY...
Donate to the New Baby Fund...

Screen Shots:
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Looks good... I am glad someone is theming for DT ROM's... especially shiftsense 1.4. other than the end call bug, this is the best ROM i have found to date, and I have flashed every ROM avail for the TB... keep up the good work... are you on twitter? I am @ssethv. I ask because I like to follow and be followed by devs and themers

ROM Developer in the Making
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zer071 said:
I think I found a bug in the alarm clock the numbers don't fit in the box when setting the alarms
Yeah that's a downfall to the font i'm using on this theme.i'm looking into seeing if I can do something about it.

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BuffoGT said:
OP Updated with new version which includes the Alarm Clock Time FIXED!!!
YESSS! On a side note I love the battery icon the way it changes thru the colors is there a way you can make it green instead of blue? I wanna flash it on a friends bolt but hes not a fan of the blue but love the battery icon.
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