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[theme]-4 the honeys cm7

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I created this theme as a request from my wife. This is a purple and pink theme geared toward the android ladies. It is almost ready for the market. I have to clean up a few images, and add some wallpapers and app icons, but I wanted to post it up here for everyone to check out.

What is themed
Calendar Widget
News and Weather
Google Search

Download link HERE

Also you can get the ADW theme (that needs a major update) from here for the standard app icons.

Please provide feedback and thoughts. I hope you enjoy this one.
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Updated the OP with a new build. This one includes a lot of app icons, and I fixed a couple of images that I missed. I will be adding the rest of the app icons tonight/tomorrow as well as adding in the launcher theme.
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Odd. Gets to 9% and says can't download because it can't determine file size


Crappy 3g coverage where I was. Downloaded fine 3 miles up the road
Glad you got it to work . Let me know what you think. Hope yo like it.
Love it for the most part. Some of the icons aren't themed. Contacts is, Phone dialer is not. Market icon is not, app is. Signal strength bars have no "empty" color for the inactive bars.

None of the themes I have used change the colors in the pattern unlock screen

Nice theme :)
I'm working on getting those icons themed. Actually, I added them, but forgot to add the redirect code. The signal strength was intentional. I'll see about adding the unlock pattern buttons. Thanks for the feedback!

Also, there is a link in the op to a matching ADW theme if you need all the icons right now. The adw does need a huge update though for new icons. Again, thanks for the feedback.
Overall very muted and almost hard to read in places. Maybe a bit more contrast between text and background color?
I'll look into it. Which apps? Contacts in the tabs and talk? My wife mentioned those to me. Again, thanks for the feedback. Without it, I can't make this great.
Yeah. The phone icon next to a contact entry is hard to see. That's the only one I'm seeing as a problem for me. I was out in the sun earlier, but inside is a whole different world. I don't use Talk, but I'll check it out

EDIT: Talk looks ok by me, but I noticed I will occasionally get a green wifi icon in the notification bar. It also doesn't show the empty bars. Not a big deal when you get used to it, but at first glance I was wondering wtf that unfamiliar icon was
Radio buttons! That's what it was ...
I'll look into getting this stuff updated tonight.
I've been trying to make some wallpapers for this theme, but I'm not the most skilled at them. Here is one I've come up with and I am kinda pleased with the results. Any thoughts? Should I include it?
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I like it, yeah. Most especially because it's not that nasty green
Put this on the market last night. Here's a link.
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