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Created by JoeDeveloper all credit goes to him, he is a member of team acid

thanks joe :D

Bringing you some classy to the SGS4G. Black Gold is just starting out, but so far I think it's a pretty good start.

Theme: BlackGOLD
Version: 0.5 (alpha)
CRT Animation ON
Gold Overscroll
Gold styled settings icons
Gold menu popup
Themed Dialer gold style
Gold themed notification menu
Themed quick settings tab
Themed most icons in status bar to be gold style

Coming Soon:
This is just the beginning
Custom Lockscreen
CRT On or Off
Customized Power menu

NOTE: I have only tested this on KG4 whitehawkx deodexed build, with Dr Honk Kernel and CWM root. There should be no reason why it will not work on any GB build, but again I haven't tested it yet on those builds. It is only Alpha.

Stayed up all night to bring this to a point where it could be tested and released in a alpha stage.
Download the from the link below
Copy it onto your SD card
Boot into recovery via ADB or QuickBoot or 3 button salute
Go to Install from zip
Browse to the zip you put on your SD card titled ""
Flash that sucker, it will clear your cache and dalvik
Reboot into the system

Dr Honk and making the kernel and cwm available on GB
Whitehawkx for always deodexing these builds
Krylon360 and Chainfire for getting the leaks and decrypting
Phoenix for the previous themes
A whole lot of other people on XDA providing insight

Download Link:

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Why? Because team ACID rocks. That's why :)

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Has any1 tried this with valhalla i no it says Should work on any gb build but that wasnt the case with valhalla And the othe themes ? I am runnin shots blue theme and i am very happy with it but of course being a flash aholic i would like try sum sexy black gold nice work joe !!
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