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Okay i was asked to post my custom theme i made for the liquid v2.6 aosp rom. I spent alot of time editing the frameworks, systemUI's and certain apk's to get this look. It is a collection of themes and png's i have found throughout the web.

This theme will work on the liquid rom, not tested on other aosp roms so use at your own risk. IM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BLOWING UP YOUR PHONE! :money:

In this theme you will get:

Themed dialer/contacts.
1% Custom battery mod.
Black calculator.
Custom signal & 4g/3g icons, system icons...etc.
Droid eye bootscreen.
Black camera... also uploading the miui camera if you want.
Transparent pulldown with themed power widget bar.
Themed clock/alarms.
Themed setting menu.
Honeycomb style lockscreen.
Much more...

Just put the zip on your sd card, flash from recovery and wipe cache & dalvik before reboot. To install the miui camera apk just put on your phone and install with root explorer.


Photo's of theme:



· Former #1 troll.
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midnight assassin said:
Ill try it. I'm on theory aosp. Ill report back in a bit.
Edit. Didn't go so well. Lockscreen went to rotary. Clock was broken. Sorry didn't think to take a screenshot til it was too late.
that's because it's meant for the liquid rom. as i said use at your own risk.
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