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[THEME] Blackout-Red for Liberty v0.8 and Apex RC2

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Liberty v0.8 and Apex RC2

Here's another theme for you guys who are rocking Liberty...It's similar to my Blackout-Green theme (in red of course) but I added a lot more tweaks and system app edits this time around. There are 2 versions : a circle battery version and a horizontal battery version. I also have made 2 Smart keyboard skins and a Red Goodies (Dock icons and wallpapers) availalble to download seperatly. I'll be updating this theme like I do with Blackout-Green so if you like it then check back every now and then for flashable updates. Also I think I'll make one more Blackout-theme before I switch up my style so if anyone has any color combinations you would like to see comment below! Finally, if you guys have any requests for a non-system app you would like themed for either this theme or Blackout-Green I'll be more than happy to do that for you for a small donation ;). If you discover any mistakes or glitches please let me know and I will fix asap. Enjoy!

Fully Themed apps:
Google Search

Partially themed apps:
Gmail (Icon, Notification icon, and a few buttons - see screenshot below)
Browser (Icon)
Camera (Icon)
Camcorder (Icon)
Gallery (Icon and default wallpaper)
Music (Icon)
Talk (Icon)

I am not responsible for anything this does to your phone. Download at your own risk. Always make a backup first!

Installation Instructions
1. Download theme and save to SD card
2. Boot into Clockwork Recovery
3. Select downloaded theme
4. Reboot

For red goodies - just unzip the file then transfer folder/files over to sd card.
Smart keyboards skins are not flashable! You must have Smart Keyboard installed to use.

Download Links - Liberty V0.8

Circle Battery version
Horizontal Battery version

Download Links - Apex RC2
Circle battery version
Horizontal battery version

Download Links - Extras
Red goodies
White keys keyboard
Red keys keyboard

-- Thank you to those of you who tested this theme and provided feedback! It was very helpful to hear those comments/critiques!
-- All wallpapers included in were pulled from Fliki Wallpapers HD

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Optional Updates (LIBERTY V0.8 VERSION ONLY)
Just saw that I didn't include my themed systemUI in the zip so if you have downloaded the theme your status bar notifications (3G symbol, vibrate, wifi, etc.) won't be themed! i'm in the process of posting this as an update for people that have already downloaded the theme so all you will have to do is flash the update and I'll also fix the full download theme for both versions.

SystemUI update for everyone that already has flashed the theme - Download here

Settings was also left out...
Settings update - Download here
Added both theme versions to work for Apex RC2 (See download section in post 1). Everything looks exactly the same except Google search has a grey search bar and the dialer I left pretty much untouched from Apex (except for button presses, some buttons, backgrounds, contact pictures, etc.) because I thought the dialer buttons looked good as they were. Also note that the optional updates I have had up are only for Liberty NOT APEX. If you guys have any issues or suggestions for this on Apex please let me know
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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