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This theme has been remixed with all new buttons, pop up backgrounds, more xml edits, phone dialer and some new icons... I didn't do an animated pulldown on this one yet but I probably will.. been busy doing other things.. ... This is an so install via recovery or rom manager and wipe Dalvik cache to keep things smooth.. Blizzard is my version of a colorless theme and has become very popular across the board.. Make sure you set all the color settings in PE settings accordingly and have a back up made prior to modding... I left the market out of the main zip but I will have it as a separate one in case you already have an inverted/themed market you wanna keep.. I tested it tho and it flashed right over the stock PE one no problems.. Enjoy!

Install steps:

1. Download the zip(s) you want and either choose rom manager as the source to install it/them or move them to a known directory or the root of your sd card

2. boot into recovery.. go to advanced.. wipe Dalvik Cache.. back out to the main screen and choose install zip from SDcard.. choose zip.. find your zip you downloaded and select it and YES.. after it runs the progress, reboot system now.. Enjoy!



2. Dark Market v3.0.27 - Flash in recovery.. Shows up as Dark Market in your app drawer

3. Kameleon GoogleVoice and GoogleSearch - Flash in recovery or rom manager... These are self theming to a degree but on this theme they are standard inverted

4. 'Kameleon Series' Apps Thread Link to my Kameleon apps.. there are GB keyboards and Facebook here to browse through..

What's themed?

Calculator - Kameleon Series - Themed icon included
Gallery 3D
GoogleQuickSearch -Kameleon Edition - Inverted by theBowers, themed and customized by me
GoogleVoice - Kameleon Edition -Inverted by theBowers, themed and customized by me

LatinIME - GB keyboard - Kameleon Series

Inverted Gtalk1.3 - By Alastrionia (themed by me)
Inverted Gmail - Initially by ecsnead69, we fully inverted it together(themed by me)
DARK MARKET v3.0.27 - Inverted and themed by me

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