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[Theme] Blue Steel v2.2 for Weapon G2x v2.5 [9/13/11]

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Here is a theme by KinGDaViD63 and mmapcpro for Weapon G2x and EagleBlood, it's based off of Blue Steel from Team Carbon.

We have been working hard to bring yall Blue Steel v2.1 which is a remix of Blue Steel and BS Viper. It includes the Transparent notification some of yall been requesting and a few other tweaks here and there! Your sure to love it! The Screenshot's below are for the new Blue Steel. Oh yeah the MIUI lockscreen is also themed by mmapcpro! :D

Download: Blue Steel For Weapon G2x
Download: Blue Steel for Eagle Blood
Download: Blue Steel Viper v1.0 for Weapon G2x

Download: Blue Steel Viper v1.0 for Eagle Blood
Download: Blue Steel ReMiX for Weapon G2x
Download: Blue Steel v2.1 for Weapon G2x v2.5
Download: Blue Steel v2.2 for Weapon G2x v2.5 *NEW*

*CRT Screen Animation for EBlood, Optional Boot Animation, Handcent Theme, Wallpaper, Blue Swype Beta v3 and icons in 2nd post*

Make a nandroid backup (not required, but highly recommended)
Reboot into CWM Recovery
Wipe Dalvik-cache
Flash the theme
Fix permissions

v1.0 Blue Steel Initial Release 7/31/2011
v1.1 Blue Steel Small update Included Blue divider lines 8/3/2011
v1.2 Blue Steel for Weapon G2x 8/11/2011
v1.2 Blue Steel now available for Eagle Blood 8/14/2011
v1.3 Blue Steel updated dialer by MMapcpro 8/15/2011
v1.0 Blue Steel Viper v1.0 initial Release 8/18/11
v1.0 Blue Steel Viper v1.0 Update - Fixed minor issues including MIUI lockscreen and buttons 8/19/11
v1.0 Blue Steel Viper v1.0 Update - Major Text Blue, Boot up message check status bar after sd scan :), Boot ani included, Browser, Talk, Spinner changed, more that we forgot im sure! Let us know what you think!
v2.0 Blue Steel ReMiX v2.0 - Blue Steel and BS Viper Unite to just Blue Steel v2.0 Updated buttons, status bar icons, dialer, unknown contacts picture, notifications pulldown, more stuff i forgot 9/3/11
v2.1 Blue Steel v2.1 - Updated for weapon g2x v2.5 and change status bar data icons again, see screenshots below, 4g changed 9/9/11
v2.2 Blue Steel v2.2 - Added Power off animation and sound, added Droid notification and ringtone, and transparent gmail 9/13/11

Shout out to Tweezit for the power off animation and sound! Shout out to Hawk for the help with finding the animation! Shout out to B-Boy for the transparent G-Mail! Dialers ported by MMapcpro, so thanks to him, couldnt have done this without him. I wanna give a special shout out to Tigger for helping a straight noob out on this. Thanks to MMacpro for helping me out also. The UOT Kitchen for getting a noob started in this. And obviously Team Carbon for the bad a$$ original theme. I also wanna thank WhiteHawk and Doniqcc for the stable, bada$$ romz for the G2x, dont get no better. If yall got a few extra bucks (i know some of yall are rich) throw it to one of them, considering I have no real theming skills. Here's some pictures. I use Launcher Pro couldnt get into the whole TouchWiz thing. HomeScreen icons are a ADW Yorks Blue Theme. All theming is done to the system and not the launcher. At this point in time with this rom and theme, this phone is Perfect to me! Sensation? Get real! Check out the People's Site that originally created this beast of a theme Team Carbon.

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CRT Blue Steel Viper Screen Animation for EBlood: Flash after the theme by mmapcpro

CRT Blue Steel Screen Animation for EBlood: Flash after the theme by mmapcpro

Here is the icons I used in the Launcher they are by rjhay22.
Download: Mirror Effect Icons
Not a flashable zip! Unzip icons and put whereever, however you want. I use launcher pro to make my dock icons, or desktop visualizer.

Here is the wallpaper thanks to Team Carbon for the wallpaper!
Download: G2x Wallpaper Just longpress the wallpaper and save or make wallpaper.

Here is a Zip of Blue Icons you can use for your home screens by mmapcpro

You can get the Launcher Pro Friends theme in the market it's called Blue Bionic, it matches the theme pretty well.

Here's the Handcent Blue Metal theme! If you have the Metal theme installed from the market you must delete it before you install this one! Big shout out to Tiger for this!

Here's the Blue Swype v3 Beta, by thekdub Have to completely uninstall any version of swype already installed and then install this one.

Download Blue Steel/BSViper Add on: A bunch of BadA$$ Wallpapers that match the theme perfectly!

Here's the image that makes the blue custom dock. By mmapcpro
Here's The Blue Steel Remix v2.0 Dock Image by mmapcpro

Make sure the boot animations are named "" before you place in correct folder.

Download: Steel Blue Eyes Bootanimation by Team Carbon : Put in system/media/ and replace the one you already have in there using root explorer.

Download: Lightning Boot animation by Goldie for Blue Steel : Put in system/media/ and replace the one you already have in there using root explorer.

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Love the signal bars you have there. Wish it was a t-mo theme chooser apk :(
Looks great +1

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Thanks guys actually put alot of work into this, without the kitchen, (anybody that's ever used it knows it dont theme most of this stuff)... sensei quit hating man...
mwaters search the market for blue steel by team carbon... they made the orginal...
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