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To begin... make a backup 1st.... not responsible for damages while left in the parking garage.. enjoy the game!

This theme was made with permission of "thebowers". It's his creation. I brought it into GB land for the X2. I don't know if I did everything he did but I can tell you that I have made image edits galore for resizing purposes and to get all the new GB images not yet themed. I have also edited the crap out of a lot of xml's so things should work 100% smoothly out of the box. I have also incorporated some inverted apps which, I had nothing to do with. Credit there goes to thebowers, ecsnead and B-Boy. I themed the Phone and I started on the other 2 but, then, I saw someone else already did pretty much the same thing. So, I just used that. No need to waste time. That would be bouchigo. You can find him on rootzwiki. I also made a few apps myself because once I got going on 0.2.2, I got carried away. (Those other users are on DroidForums)

Also, I changed the boot animation. It matches the theme oh so well. Credit there goes to Versatile1 because he made it.

Before we begin, I will list all the apps I have included. For ease of use, I highly recommend getting rid of any app on the list from your phones data folder first. For example, if you downloaded Facebook from the market, remove it from your data folder. Not saying you HAVE TO, just putting it out there if you run into issues, you know how to fix them.

Also for the market... this one you do HAVE to do... First, verify that you DO NOT have a vending app in \data\app!!!!! If you do this will not install!!! You will need to uninstall updates before flashing... Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>"ALL" tab>Market>Uninstall Updates

Will it break your phone if you don't do that? No, it just won't install a market... at all!

Lastly, I have taken the time to guide every .9.png file in the framework and in every app I touched. What this means to you.... If you want to make other changes, everything will decompile and recompile without error. Of course you need to add the dependencies if your editing systemui or settings but thats a blur thing. Not something I did.

Now.. onto the part anyone actually cares about..

The theme is located here.... No.. over there ----> ok its actually back there <------

If you see any issues or think of anything else to add let me know.

Here's whats included

Facebook (Inverted)
Gmail (Inverted)
Google Quick Search (Inverted)
Keyboard (updated from 2.2 to be darker)
Settings (Inverted)
GTalk (Inverted)
Market (Inverted)
Google Voice (Inverted)

Some of these apps will be called dark or black in the app drawer. Example: Facebook = Dark Facebook


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A scren of something didn't come out.. don't know what it was but.. im sure it looked pretty good :)


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