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Started putting together a theme based off of Vanir_Inverted and figured I would try and give back and share it with the community.

This is my first android phone and I just started doing anything but just flashing a couple weeks ago so my knowledge is limited, but I will try and help and take requests for additions to the theme.

As with all theme's if you get an error saying "Theme was improperly compiled" you have to apply the "system" theme and then reboot, then apply the theme of your choosing and it will apply no problem. Then please reboot so that everything can set in and settle!

Credits, Download Link and Screenshots at bottom

Themed in Initial Release:

Apollo (Icon)
Apex (Icon)
Alarm Clock Extreme (and free)
Apk Extractor (Icon)
Browser (Fully Inverted)
Calculator(Fully Inverted)
Calendar(Fully Inverted)
Chrome (Icon)
Currents (Icon)
Dev Tools (Icon)
Desk Clock(Fully Inverted)
Docs (Icon)
DSP Manager (Icon)
Exchange Email (Icon)
Eye In the SKy(Icon)
Falcon Pro(Icon)
File Explorer (Icon)
Gmail(Fully Inverted)
Google Music (Icon)
Google Now (Fully Inverted)
Google Plus (Icon)
GOogle Reader (Icon)
Google Talk (icon)
GOogle Translate (Icon)
Google Voice (Icon)
GSam Battery Monitor(Icon)
Live Wallpaper Picker (Icon)
MMS(Fully Inverted)
Notification Widget (Icon)
Genie Widget(Inverted)
Nova Launcher (Prime as well)(Icon)
People app (Fully Inverted)
Phone(Fully Inverted)
PicSay Pro(Icon)
Play Store(Fully Inverted)
Settings(Fully Inverted)
Sms Backup+(Icon)
Solid Explorer(Icon)
Sourcery Tools (Icon)
Text Plus (Icon)
Trickster Mod(Icon)
TV LIstings(Icon)
Video Editor (icon)
Voice Dialer (Icon)
Framework (Fully Inverted and I mean FULLY!)
Apollo (Icon)
Apex (Icon)
Team Baked softkeys
All Emojis baked into MMS

Credits to:
Team Vanir for Vanir_Inverted
The Icons are mostly from Dark Dog's Crystal 2 Theme
System UI mods from Cubsfan187
Pulled a lot from B-Boy and his theme's
Razer(x) for his ideas and some code

Gallery is being an absolute bitch to theme with theme chooser so here are the gapps from with themed gallery icons. It bugged the crap out of me so I modded these for me to flash and whoever else wants them.

Theme and gapps Download

Other screenshots that were too big to upload

V. 1.4 (3/1)
Added Google Now (Fully Invert)
Rethemed Gmail
Rethemed Calendar
Rethemed PlayStore
More Framework Themeing
Added special setting icons for Nexus Evolution and Sourcery
Themed the border for the Quick Setting tiles
Cleaned up code
Cleaned up pngs for dialer

V. 1.5 (3/4)
Added Search and Menu icons in nav bar
Inverted browser
Added some themeing to Nova
Can't remember what else


47 Posts
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Nice theme

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
Thanks glad you guys like it. If there is anything you find that is messed up or if you have any requests let me know.

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Hey, I wanted to try your gapps, however the dropbox download link is giving me a 404.
Fixed. Sorry about that. BTW Gapps are updated with the new 3/1 gapps from goo.

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This is a sharp, well designed theme. Thank you for your time & efforts.
Great, glad you like it. If you see any theme issues or want any apps themed to match let me know and I'll see what I can do
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