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Mod Type:: Theme

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Base:: CyanogenMod

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: Theme Manager

Requires Root:: Yes




Read this great review about the theme before you download it, so you can see how it looks and whats its best parts! :D

*** INFO ***
This theme works with AOKP/CM9/10/10.1 and it fully supports [XHDPI/HDPI] screen resolutions! It also works with ParanoidAndroid.


*** HOW TO ***
Once you download the Santoryu Theme, go to setting/Themes or Theme Manager,
find the Santoryu Theme and apply it!
If you get an error message: apply the default theme first then reboot and apply the Santoryu theme and reboot again.


*** ABOUT ***
As i already wrote above this theme fully works with XHDPI and HDPI!
What you'll get with this theme? Also keep in mind that you will definitely find bugs with this theme and i know almost all of them. The thing is i will not provide support for third party apps like titanium backup etc. That's because it impossible to fix every app on playstore (it's not like they will have bugs but just in case). There is only a small glitch that i will fix with the future updates in the messaging app the time stamp has a white background.

New Whatsapp Theme (You will REALLY like it!)
New News & Weather Theme + New Widget
New keyboard Design (for Android 4.2 users keep in mind that
in order to get the themed keyboard you must use the right gapps
and also it should be supported by your rom)
New Clean and Elegant look Softkeys and Navbar Background (Only AOKP supports themed navbar backgrounds so if you're on CM you'll not get it)
New Statusbar Notification Design with Sleek and Clean design for Quick Settings Android 4.2
New Default Wallpaper
New Camera User Interface (Only for Android 4.1 for now)
New Transparent Power Widget
New Design for the Dialer, Settings and the whole SystemUI
Small Apk Size With a Lot of Images
and many more you'll discover yourself...!


*** CONTACT ***
If you have any issues please contact on [email protected]
Also you can follow me on "Google+" to get the latest update for my upcoming themes!


or "facebook"


*** CREDITS ***
Special thanks to anyone who helped me to finish this theme!


Enjoy the theme!
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