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[aimg][/aimg][aimg][/aimg][aimg][/aimg][aimg][/aimg][adiv=ipsBox clear][adiv=ipsBox_container ipsPad][adiv=ipsLayout ipsLayout_withright ipsLayout_bigright clearfix][adiv=ipsLayout_content][adiv=ipsLayout_right][adiv=ipsPad ipsSideBlock]File Name: Chopper's Mash Up For Pool Party [Build V1.6]
File Submitter: chopper the dog
File Submitted: 24 Oct 2011
File Updated: Today, 12:32 AM
File Category: Fascinate
[aurl=/files/download/25-/]Download[/aurl][aurl=]Changelog[/aurl][aurl=/index.php?app=downloads&module=post&section=submit&do=edit_main&id=25]Edit Mod[/aurl][/adiv][/adiv][adiv=ipsLayout_content]So I present to you my personal mash up that I have been using for many months across many roms. It's not flashy and it's not loud.
***The little Google "g" by the signal bars represents the same status of the green signal and data mode on stock.
***The dialer screen cap is there to show the tabs that are used throughout the UI.
***Also added the TW color icons from settings, Cause I'm crazy like that. Also because it looked weird with a color tsm icon and the rest white.

***Increased size of toggles.

What's Incuded (themed): framework-res.apk, Contacts.apk, Mms.apk, Settings.apk, SystemUi.apk
Also included (But NOT Themed): Launcher2.apk, Phone.apk. (I included these so that if someone wants to bounce in between my other theme it won't leave any theme debris behind)

thatdudebutch - For the use of a lot of superdark elements.
hitman-dreams - Battery and signal icons (which was a port of ebros by regedy1)
goldenstorm - Various icons and elements.
And I'm sure there is some other images I kanged from someone and can't remember who or what.

Special Thanks:
nitsuj17, sbrissen, andmer, OMJ, jt1134, adrynalyne, gunnermike, thefunkbot.

Flash at your own risk.... bla bla bla......
Don't flash within same cwm seesion as rom. (flash rom, boot, wipe dalvik, flash theme)
Flash in cwm (don't 3 finger) and enjoy.

***Theme Reset Zip*** This zip includes all the same apk's that the theme includes but unthemed. So this will reset/undo anything that was included within my theme.
Theme reset 1.6

good day.[/adiv][/adiv][/adiv][/adiv][/adiv]
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