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[theme] CMOB CM7

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I've been working on a cartoon inspired cm7 theme.. after making an adw theme of the Cartoon Mob MIUI theme, i decided to jump in the cm theme engine.. it's nowhere near finished.. it's located in the cm themes section..
Seeing as cm themes can't change some things I'll be making .zips of the theme.. adizzy is currently working on the tbolt and dx versions..
So without further delay.. here is the link to a .zip to flash in recovery..

Also for the full effect check out the Cartoon miui adw theme..

big shout out to David Lanham.. check him out at or @dLanham also he has some wallpapers up in the market.. he does alot of ios and Mac icons/themes.. maybe he will work on android in the future..
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I'll post some screenshots later.. im on my phone right now.. enjoy and any feedback is appreciated
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