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Mod Type:: Application

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: Theme Manager

Requires Root:: Yes

Here's Cobalt for the ICS Theme Chooser

Just install it like any other apk, go to the Theme Chooser and choose "Cobalt" and it'll give you an error but just "Apply Anyway"

It will work on XHDPI devices and HDPI devices as well.

Now available in the Play Store:

Lockscreen MOD:
This is a Mod to give you the old Cobalt style Lockscreen. It's not colored at all so it should work with any if the Cobalt themes just fine.

Works perfectly with any version of AOKP and should work with any CM9, Gummy, Liquid ROM as well.

Do not flash this Mod through recovery! You need to use this zip in Zip Themer to create a flashable mod. If you're not familiar with Zip Themer there are a ton of tutorials around.

No pictures here yet but there are some in the Play Store link and here's a thread to give you an idea of what it looks like:

Big thanks to:
-- MrDSL for ALL his help and xml
-- lawsonmh15 for a handful of images

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I want to make a CM9 Theme Maker for Windows. Nothing like GoThemeFactory or a over-complicated XML template.

A unique, well designed aid to making themes for CM9 a breeeeeeeeeeze.
The windows software/design of it is no problem for me, looking for anyone close to CM as possible to help
provide files as they're available, or anyone close enough following on that project.

Wouldnt take but more than a few days if someone/some people worked close enough.
For the most part, I already have a few various 'theme-makers' made so all my code end is pretty much
already done also. They aren't currently available for public use, but the CM9 Theme Maker, would be
available to everyone, for free.

Anyone, get in contact with me.
Willing to do it with you if you do it for linux. I don't really care for windoze.

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You guys aren't receiving any issues when applying the theme? Heard reports of compile errors.
I think this is a probelm with the theme chooser, and not the theme. I've been seeing some weird stuff.

If anyone gets the compile error, change back to system theme, and uninstall all of your themes. You can then install the one that was giving you the error, and it will work.

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Thanks for building the theme, looks nice. Tried aplying it to my Galaxy Tab 10.1 but it didnt work. I get the compiled error, and i have tried the suggested fix above.
It clearly says its for XHDPI devices, so no worries. But on theme engine for CM7 one could use MDPI themes on HDPI devices and so on, so i thought i try but i was a no go.
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