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This theme has borrowed icons from a variety of themes including R3Ds Urban, and the theme kitchen so if you like it please donate to R3D, Theme Kitchen or Kejar himself. I basically added in Rudolf window transitions, a bluish plurple glow, status bar icons from R3Ds Urban theme. It's basically a conglomeration of alot of things I like from a variety of places. The battery stats are updated via theme kitchen as well as the window properities and a few other areas. This is by no means a final product but I will try to maintain and improve this.

As usual flash at your own risk!

This is based on the EP1Q Gummy release from Team Gummy-Please remember to thank them with donations. They make the fun of theming possible!

Install Steps:
o Copy Zip to SDCard
o Boot into Clockworkmod Recovery
o Choose Install Zip from SDCard
o Reboot

File Link:

Screenshots to follow!

Also I am by no means an established themer. I am simply a tinker and want to share a theme that I happen to like but I am planning on enhancing and making it better based on feedback!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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