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This is going to be a very long post: This is for those who want to learn if not don't read. There is a misconception about odex/deodex and when it is needed. For this post I'm simply going to talke about framework and theming. You DO NOT need to deodex firmware to theme it or to change the framework. You only need to deodex firmware in order to use it across platforms. The obsession with deodex is unhealthy and leads people further from the truth. Themers can theme the entire firmware without needing to deodex the firmware, as the edits are being made in the .apk file. http://Framework-res.apk edits DO NOT need deodexed firmware to work properly. In the only important reason to deodex the X framework at all is so that you can change the services jar. Otherwise all the changes you are getting from themes can be done on an odexed firmware build. There are some more advanced things that can be done more easily on a deodexed build but are not needed at all.
This is what @p3droid said a couple months back about odexed/deodexed.
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