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I started making this theme because i didnt feel there was enough themes going on for the Gingeritis Roms, at least not ones that i liked, so this is what i ended up with! i originally just made this more for myself, but so many people liked it and wanted to use it that i decided to make it public for all to enjoy. I will be adding new things pretty consistently as i get them done.

Pics are from an older version and may not reprezent the newest version

***Using skins will cause the clock and rosie mods to not show up, as well as the notifications pull down menu to mess up a little. It is highly recommended to use the HTC skin***


*1.8 was taken down untill the status bar issue is fixed

Gingerine v1.7 No Apps

Gingerine v1.7 With Apps


Walpaper: This should be automatically installed as the default wallpaper.

Font: Does not install with theme, to many people dont like custom fonts, or like to use their own, so i did not include it in the installation process. you can dl the font and manually push it to system/fonts (if you know how) or you can use an app lik Font Changer from the market to change your system fonts to the one provided in the dl section above.

Flashable Gtalk & Camera Fix: (Flash in CWM)

CRT Animations by Chingy:

Included Themed Apps by B-Boy:

Black DropBox 1.2.4:
Dark Forum Runner Free Edition:
Dark Gmail 2.3.5:
Dark Google Voice & Search:
Dark Rootzwiki Free Edition:
Transparent Dark Facebook 1.6.4:
Dark and Green Market v3.13:
Dark Google+ v1.0.6:


v1.0 - Flash in CWM

v1.1 - Fixed notifications pulldown, battery icon and added alot more status bar icons

v1.2 - Added Burst's green clock mod, lockring and rosie

v1.3 - Fixed 3g and loading icons, added themed apps by B-Boy

v1.4 - Added more themed apps by B-Boy

v1.5 - Added themed Dialer/Phone, new 3g icons, added a few more themed png's to framework and system.ui,

v1.6 - Added a ton more themed icons, literally hundreds, im still in the process of finding all the menu icons to change out, youll notice some of them are new and some of them are still the same old black and white flat icons, eventually they will all be changed. Added CRT animations (Thanks Chingy), added new lib for people having issues with camera and gtalk FC's. (shouldnt affect you if you dont have the issue, or already flashed the fix). I think i fixed the issue with it not installing the apps during the installation, so the w/ apps version is now back up.

v1.7 - Added a new themed app by B-Boy (Google+), edited a few XML's. Removed CRT animations and and included them above in the addon section, download them and install through CWM.

v1.8 - Fixed an XML issue

Known bugs:

-May cause bootloop after initial install, simply hold down all hard buttons for 3 secs to reboot. it should work fine after rebooting, not sure what causes this, but it happens with a lot of themes.

-Status bar may be missing after initial bootup, still not sure what causes this, usually it happens when someone installs a theme onto a different Rom than it was intended for, but sometimes it just happens regardless. try rebooting phone and see if that clears it, if not try installing theme again after clearing data/cache/dalvik/system restore

-Battery charging icons not showing up (still charges just fine and is an accurate representation of your batt stats), the charging animations just arnt showing up for some reason.

-Some of the menu icons arnt showing up, but most are. please bare with me as i hunt down the ones that are still the flat black and white ones.

-Gmail and Market are having issues where the text is blacked out as well so you can read it, if you manually push these apps to System\Apps and reboot it seems to fix the problem. I think its a rogue code in an XML somewhere, will have to hunt it down. Download the from the addon section above and flash through CWM to fix.


-mb02 for the green clock mod, from his burst plurstaralpha port, og thread can be found here:

-B-Boy for his awesomely themed apps, and for letting me incorporate them into my theme

-Chingy for the awesome ROM and for the CRT Animations, OG thread's can be found here:
Gingeritis 3D V1.0 Beta VIII:
CRT Animations:

-Team BAMF and Android Centra for the Flashable Gtalk & Camera Fix, OG thread can be found here:

*Flash in CWM, and as always, flash at your own risk*

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new version up, again, lol. pretty much everything is done now except the dialer, which i will get to in the next few days. i will probly also offer the dialer as an add on for anyone wanting to flash this now and not wait, as well as a complete updated theme file for anyone who didnt flash v1.2. if you have any issues, or if an icon or something pops up that isnt themed that should be, please let me know so i can fix it.

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It works perfectly nothing error that I can find. I was testing on Gingerine flashed by cwm. Thanks for the themed for Gingeritis 3D VIII. :)

*edited* Never mind, Everything looks good.

sonami said:
need someone to test out v1.3 with the themed apps to make sure they all install correctly. please let me know if anything does not work!

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OP updated to v1.6, both With Apps and No Apps available. added a TON more themed icons, CRT animations, and the lib fix for those having problems with gtalk and camera FC's.

Please- someone test the With Apps versions and let me know if the apps installed correctly, think i fixed the issue but need a tester to be sure.

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"mxbrad04 said:
In the dark market when searching, the resulting list of app titles are black on black. Dev names show fine. I think that's all
Weird. Try pulling the apk from the zip and pushing it manually to system/apps and let me know if it still does that

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