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Blue Stock Gingerbread Theme mixed with Blur for DroidX Gingerbread .588|.591|.595|.596|.602

-10% Battery Icons (Theme contains 5% increments but system doesn't allow)
-CRT Off Animation
-Stock Gingerbread Icons Themed Blue
-Stock Unlock Sliders

GingiBlur Blue (.588)
GingiBlur Blue (.591)
GingiBlur Blue (.595/.596)
GingiBlur Blue (.602)

GingiBlur Blue 1.0 + (.588)
GingiBlur Blue 1.0 + (.591)
GingiBlur Blue 1.0 + (.595/.596)
GingiBlur Blue 1.0 + (.602)
Addons Included
-DroidX Blue Boot Animation (From here)
-Ubuntu 10.10 Font
-Gingerbread Keyboard Unify Theme (from Unify Blue Rubix Theme) Thanks!

Patch for battery icons with no numbers:
Blank Battery Patch(.588)
Blank Battery Patch(.591)
Blank Battery Patch(.595/.596)
Blank Battery Patch(.602)

All addons as separate downloads
-DroidX Blue Boot Animation
-Ubuntu 10.10 Font

Themed Apps
-unreadCountWidgetMOD (This is a paid app. If you have purchased it message me for the modded version)

Icons and Wallpaper
LauncherPro Blue Icons
Wallpaper Pack

Homescreen Items
-The Launcher is Launcher Pro
-Clock Widget is called Digital Clock Widget by BitMod Dev
-Calendar Widget is called Smooth Calendar by Carl Cedergren (Modified by me.)
-ToDo widget is GTasks (modified by me.)
-The Notification Widget is "Unread Count Widget" (modded by me.)

How to install:
You must be on either .588|.591|.595|.596|.602 fully deodexed and rooted
Download desired theme file
Place on SDCard
Bootstrap Recovery via Bootstrap App
Reboot to Clockwork Mod Recovery
Make Backup (Optional but Recommended)
Select install from sdcard
Choose zip from sdcard
Select yes
After everything comes back up you may need to reboot again if things are acting wierd

v1.0 (5/2/2011)
- Original Release

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Android Lover
102 Posts
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.596 has been added. as far as i can tell from my testing the .595 version works fine with .596. if anyone that is using it finds out otherwise let me know and i will fix it.

Android Lover
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abdul101 said:
no 3g option and no carrier name in notification bar still need some work...
what are you meaning by "no 3g option"? Also I have no issue with the Carrier Name Banner on my end. What rom are you running?
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