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Green Crush V1 release

(This is NOT a theme chooser theme! Flash in CWR)

I have decided to go ahead and release Green Crush as version 1. I have gone through and touched just about everything in framework and systemUI to get the dark look and feel i was shooting for. I am also one that tends to like a nice melding of colors, so all things take a very smooth transition.

I will be adding a themed phone, contacts, MMS and calendar apks in the very near future.

A few touches added...

Corrected the date overlay so it no longer hides the status bar...

Accurate battery

Fly-in animations

Transparent pop-up menus

Button highlights

... blah blah

All the good basics...

Please note this theme is for Trigger 2x Build 15 8/16. As always, make a nandriod (But i have tested things and all is just fine)

Many many thanks to Romann and Annex!

To finish things off, if you find you would like this theme, but in a different color let me know!

You can get my theme HERE



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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