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This is my colorless theme of this style.. it's an so install via recovery or rom manager.. It's for LGB 2.0 and is working great on 2.1, also.. But always make a backup prior to modding.. Change the colors in Liquid Settings accordingly. The color code I used is #f2efef but anything white-gray looks sick.. This also has an animated pulldown (credit Alastrionia).. ya gotta open the pulldown, close it, then it animates every time after that...It also has all new buttons, dialer, and darkened pop up menus but there shouldn't be any black on black issues with these.. The Kameleon Edition apps are a seperate install but once you've installed one/them, there isn't a need to reistall unless a different theme has them included and replaces the Kameleon one.. in that case, just reinstall and they will self theme according to the main system text colors... Enjoy!...



2. Wallpaper - Extract in Astro, view in gallery, set as wp

3. Kameleon Black Market - Flash like a theme in recovery or rom manager - *shows up as Black Market in app drawer

4. Kameleon Black Facebook 1.5.4 - this will install over my 1.5.1 version but you'll need to uninstall your old one first if you're on a stock fb

5. Kameleon GoogleVoice and Google Search - flash like a theme in recovery or rom manager

6. Kameleon Apps Thread (for people using the app that can't see my sig) There are a few other Kameleon Style GB Keyboards in there and I also have a Themed GB Keyboard thread in my section in droid themers.. *I'll redirect this link to RootzWiki once I create a thread for Kameleon Apps and Themed GB Keyboards*

What's themed?

Calculator - Kameleon Edition - Themed icon included
Gallery 3D
GoogleQuickSearch -Kameleon Edition - Inverted by theBowers, themed and customized by me
GoogleVoice - Kameleon Edition -Inverted by theBowers, themed and customized by me

LatinIME - GB keyboard

Black Gtalk - By me and corinacakes (themed by me)
Black Gmail - Initially by ecsnead69, we fully inverted it together(themed by me)
Black Market -Kameleon Edition Inverted and themed by me - credits to ecsnead for the buttons and a couple other icons..
Black Facebook - Kameleon Edition - Inverted by theBowers, themed and customized by me

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