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[Theme] - Liquid GB 2.0+ - "WASP"

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This was my last color version of this theme style.. it's an so install via recovery or rom manager... It has all new buttons, phone dialer, pop up menus, some new icons, and an animated pulldown (credit Alastrionia for the code).. Make a back up prior to modding!... The Kameleon Edition apps are a seperate install but once you've installed one/them, there isn't a need to reistall unless a different theme has them included and replaces the Kameleon one.. in that case, just reinstall and they will self theme according to the main system text colors... Make sure you change the colors in Liquid Settings accordingly and Enjoy!...



2. Kameleon Black Market - Flash like a theme in recovery or rom manager *shows up as Black Market in app drawer

3. Kameleon Black Facebook - This will install just like a normal app over my 1.5.1 version but you'll need to uninstall your old one first if using a stock fb

4. Kameleon Black GoogleVoice and GoogleSearch - flash like a theme

What's themed?
Calculator - Kameleon Edition - Themed icon included
Gallery 3D
GoogleQuickSearch -Kameleon Edition - Inverted by theBowers, themed and customized by me
GoogleVoice - Kameleon Edition -Inverted by theBowers, themed and customized by me

LatinIME - GB keyboard

Black Gtalk - By me and corinacakes (themed by me)
Black Gmail - Initially by ecsnead69, we fully inverted it together(themed by me)
Black Market 2.3.6 -Kameleon Edition Inverted and themed by me - credits to ecsnead for the buttons and a couple other icons..
Black Facebook 1.5.4- Kameleon Edition - Inverted by theBowers, themed and customized by me

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Yellow's not my personal favorite but great job on this theme. Looks really nice!
This is SICK! Love it!
Thanks!.. :) ... glad ya like it....

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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