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Theme List 08 Jan 2012

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I dont see a theme list for the bionic. Im WAY to lazy to keep a list for every ROM, and since i have the only Eclispe theme, how hard can it be!?!?!

If i miss any just let me know.

Gunnermike53 Themes:
Epic Blue 28 Dec 2011
Black Alien 29 Dec 2011

Coming Soon:
Epic Green
Epic Red
White Chrome
GingerFire Black
GingerFire Blue
Gears of War

Themed Swypes and Keyboards.

xKape and Versatile1 Themes:
A Guiding Light (In Blue) 15 Dec 2011

lifebeginsfriday Themes:
Red Carbon Bliss 12 Dec 2011
Touch Of Ginger 08 Jan 2012

NOTE: unless specifically requested to by Nytro, I will NOT post links to ANY theme by St3rdroids. He charges for his work. I find that dispicable.
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thanks for all the work. do you think these will work with nitros new 901 rom when it comes out
black alien confirmed working on 2.1 rc1. so far all is good and everything looks great and running smooth. i will report back with any isues if i find any but i dought i will
will try the other ones once my battery charges up. it was on 2% aftert flashing 901 update/eclipse 2.1 and then black alien. cutting it close
epic blue confirmed working running 2.1. guiding light put me in a bootloop running 2.1 rc1. went into stock recovery and all is good. red carbon works good also. had swome traces of giuding light left like boot annimation and a couple icons and in settings had giuding light icons with red writing. looked pretty cool
1 - 4 of 41 Posts
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