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This will list all current CM7/T-Mobile themes. When you click a theme it will take you to the Android Market or website hosting the theme. You can filter by free/paid/hdpi/mdpi/ldpi and search by developer/description/name.

I have been working hard at re-doing Liberty Toolbox into a ROM Toolbox for every phone. A side project with that was creating a T-Mobile theme list for inside the Toolbox. My project is getting so big I developed the app as a side app so I could avoid waiting so long on building. I decided to share the app that will be included in ROM Toolbox.

This app was inspired by THIS thread. Major props to maxpower47 for building the list.

The list in the app is pulled from data on my server. If you would like to update this list it's easy to do and will show up in the app instantly. The list is here:
Please let me know if you would like to take the huge task of updating the list :p (gtalk: [email protected])

BLUE = free and donate version
GREEN = free
RED = paid only app

Updated 8-4

New stuff:

- Custom TitleBar
-- Click the icon to open Theme Chooser
-- Long Press the icon to show/hide search tool
- Long Click item
- Don't reload data on switching orientation
- Don't show keyboard when first opening the app
- Some other stuff

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Josh, you cant actually copy and paste the text directly, or you break the links if firefox or another browser has broken them down to...instead use the edit button)if applicable) or quote button to quote the other message then paste it here removing the quote tags if you like.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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