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Nex is a theme for theme chooser on the popular rom Cyanogenmod 7. You must have the theme system built into your device to use this theme. If your rom has theme chooser it will work!


**Please BackUP before you do any of this**

**The theme will mainly change icons in the notification bar and other little things**

Theme Installation:
1)Just install like any other theme then go to theme chooser
2)Hit the Nex Preview
3)Apply Anyway and Reboot!

**If the apply button anyway button pops up,click and it will work**

Whats Been Themed:
*Statusbar Icons
*Notification Icons,if you would like a notification icon themed please email me(like a twitter icon in the statusbar)
*Loading Circles
*Highlight Colors
*Volume Bar
*Download Bar


*If you wish to know what icons, widgets, etc... i used click the image below!

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kgill7 said:
show me a screenshot and it only changes the statusbar icons, if you get the apply anyway error, hit apply anyway
Oh, i thought it changed the whole system icons. How do i apply new icons please? TIA!
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