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Here is a port of my blue theme for Codename Android 3.1.0. It is pretty simple but I think looks good. Try it out and let me know what can be changed or made better. Here is what is themed;

-NuBlue on most of the png's and some animations
-Blacked-out menu background
-Black sem-tranparent pop-up menu's
-NuBlue themed transparent drop-down screen
-NuBlue themed settings icons
-NuBlue Andy lockscreen
-NuBlue themed calculator
-NuBlue themed Andy 1% battery
-NuBlue navbar softkeys
-Clear blue news and weather widget
-NuBlue themed navbar glow
-NuBlue themed new reboot/recovery menu
-NuBlue Themed and inverted Email
-NuBlue Themed and iverted Calendar
-NuBlue Themed and inverted Play Store 3.7.15
-updated weather images on lockscreen
-NuBlue Themed dropdown notification icons
-NuBlue Gmail 4.1,2

-Inverted Videos
-Inverted Google Now

https://dl.dropbox.c...0v2 Nexus

Please make a nandroid backup first and flash in CWM. Enjoy and hit the thanks button if you like. Please feel free to PM me if you
have any problems or suggestions.

Audio equipment Gadget Font Screenshot Electronic device

Credit to Dustin 7 for cool contacts images to theme!
Credit to Travp624 for an awesome inverted market, email, and calendar to theme!
Credit to DJ Dark Knight for great videos and Google Now to theme!


600 Posts
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I know right, thats my next step. Most of this work now is just copying over system and framework files so it is not that hard just time consuming. I need a base apk to work from so I can build a theme chooser.

Dude you are doing a lot of work for updates. Why not just make a Theme Chooser apk so you don't have to update for each release of these ROMs?
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