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Color in High-Def

I Did not make this theme it was ported from the Galaxy S II on T-mobile
I'm not taking credit for this theme
This is my first port and I hope you guy's like it .

Thanks To
Lantek23, for letting me share this from xda
Dillym34, for his theme TouchOcolor
Dully79, some of his images from phone candy.
kr3g3r, his theme as a base, Wallpaper is from his theme however very little still remains.
and Team Sonic for a bad ass rom
And M&S for his how to videos

Change Log 07/16/2012
Color in High-Def 2.0

Change battery to no number % if you want one flash the ones in the 2nd post
Made icons same size as all the other ones
added more stuff to Framework

Change Log 07/14/2012
Color in High-Def 1.0

Themed SecGallery2.apk
more .9 on Framewor-res.apk, SecContacts.apk, Secphone.apk
and new Battery % icon (but I'm still Trying to get the % figured out sorry about that)
And some more stuff that I can't think of.

What's Theme

Instructions on flashing Color in High-Def

01. Download ROM (Link is Below)
02. Place ROM on ROOT of your SD card. (ie: /sdcard)
03. Boot into Recovery Mode
04. Do a NAND BACKUP!!!
05. Flash THEME.
06. After flashing is complete, Reboot...
07. Done!

Please Read this if you are having issues with external SD/card not mounting.Thanks to moonfire711 for helping out here

Link to CWM touch recovery v5.8.4.5 here. This is the tmo version only!

To load this .img file:
1. Rename the file to cwmtr.img to make this easier.
2. Place cwmtr.img in your root sdcard using step 3., or use your usb cable or some wifi explorer.

*skip step 3 and 4 if you are using terminal emulator instead of adb

3. adb push cwmtr.img /sdcard/cwmtr.img
4. adb shell

*type the following steps in terminal emulator or adb shell.

5. su
6. dd if=/sdcard/cwmtr.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/recovery
7. reboot recovery

Now try mounting the sdcard in recovery and flashing this theme. Hope this helps someone else out.


Color in High-Def 2.0 TMO

APOCALYPSE_V2 A&TT Not Tested Updated 07/18/2012

Color in High-Def 2.0 Sprint Blazer

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I saw that this is for vzw but only for hyper drive. ....but cant find the download for it. its not in the hyper hub

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