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This is a port of Black Alien by jstine671 found here and my port for the Fascinate found here.
30 Nov 2011 Change Log:
desk clock
car dock
google music
cleaned up some images in framework and systemui
fixed some transparancy isssues in Mms
changed the dock on the launcher

02 Oct 2011 Change Log:
Updated to GummyCharged GBE 2.0

27 Aug 2011 Change Log:
Updated to GummyCharged FE 2.0

10Aug11 Change Log:
cleaned up images in twframework
fixed the contacts tab in the dialer
made mms transparent
remembered to add the browser
themed mediaprovider.apk to contribute the the over all look
added custome boot AND shutdown animation by jaekar99

Whats Themed:
twframework (froyo ROM's)
systemui (Gingerbread ROM's)
TW Calulator
google search

Unzip these and place on sd card. Don not flash
See Posts #2 and #3 for downlaods


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clumsyninja21 said:
Looks great! If this is loaded thru CWM, can we still apply a theme with no adverse affects via the toolbox?

And for the sake of the scientific community, you can go from this to any other GTB(gummytoolbox) theme, no questions or force closes required. ;)

Nicely done.

Except contacts didn't change back. A few things still remain from this theme to the GTB themes.
yes. the toolbox is just another way of flashing the theme. the same process happens, its just automated with the tool box.

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Galaxy88 said:
Just wanted to say this one is the sheeet.. One of the best looking themes out there..

1 question thou. the email apk you have installed with this will not let me setup yahoo, aol email accounts. i input the info and i get username and password invalid. I know everything is correct. When i load the stock rom back in i can set it up correctly. It gives you the options choose what type of email you want to setup.

now i tried to import the email apk from multiply versions and nothing seems to work. Can you please point me in te right direction. i tried everything wipe-reflash-wipe and nothing seems to work.

Keep up the great work.
um.....i didnt do anything to email. i thought about themeing it but i dont think that counts. something else must be going on.

but thanks, glad you like the theme. i made a few more inprovements that will be in the release for gummy 2.0.

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ddemlong said:
Currently running 1.9.1, download the full odin earlier this month. When I open up terminal and type "toolbox" the response I get is "toolbox!" but nothing opens up. When I hit updatetb, it opens it, I also do not have an option for themes. Something wrong with mine?
tool box wont be functional until 2.0

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Sensei said:
I installed this theme on gummy charged gbe 2.0 RC 1.5. However, I am missing the battery indicator.

In addition, it would be nice for the badass alien loading screen to remain instead of being replaced by a black screen.

Sent from my Gummy Charged GBE 2.0 using Tapatalk
dude you cant use this on the release canadite. to fix your battery mess around with tsm parts.
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