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[aimg][/aimg][aimg][/aimg][adiv=ipsBox clear][adiv=ipsBox_container ipsPad][adiv=ipsLayout ipsLayout_withright ipsLayout_bigright clearfix][adiv=ipsLayout_content][adiv=ipsLayout_right][adiv=ipsPad ipsSideBlock]File Name: [PORT]PDiddy for TSM Resurrection
File Submitter: akellar
File Submitted: 04 Nov 2011
File Updated: Today, 09:01 PM
File Category: Mesmerize / Showcase
[aurl=/files/download/52-/]Download[/aurl][aurl=]Changelog[/aurl][aurl=/index.php?app=downloads&module=post&section=submit&do=edit_main&id=52]Edit Mod[/aurl][/adiv][/adiv][adiv=ipsLayout_content]This is my port of PaulDIddy's theme found here - http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1043968 Go there and thank him for his hard work.

You MUST be on TSM Resurrection v1.2 (Mesmerize, Showcase, and Fascinate all should work fine)

Included in the theme: Camera, Contacts, ClockPackage, DialerTabActivity, Mms, Phone, Settings, Swype, SystemUI, TouchWiz30Launcher, TSMParts, Vending, and PaulDiddyRemixWallpaperChooser

Credits: PaulDiddy, bdemartino, sbrissen, nitsuj17, gunnermike, jt1134, and me

As always, I am not responsible for your phone breaking. Flash in CWM (not in same session as flashing the ROM or update).

If you use or just enjoy the theme, please hit the thanks button and/or rate the thread. Thanks!

Back to Stock zip - flash this if you want to remove the theme and get back to 1.2 -[/adiv][/adiv][/adiv][/adiv][/adiv]

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Very, very nice, I like
thank you for this theme.
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