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Normal Disclaimer... although its highly unlikely that anything will go wrong, I'm not responsible for anything that does.

This is a theme port of the Myn's Warm 2.2 Rom for the Thunderbolt Synergy. Works great for me. We're Getting Close! The only things I really have left are a couple other minor graphical tweaks. Thanks to everyone for putting up with my slow updates.

1. Boot into recovery
2. Wipe everything
3. Flash Synergy Rom
4. Let phone boot up
5. Go through initial set-up of device
6. Go grab a beer
7. Reboot into recovery
8. Flash theme
9. Enjoy

For current Synergy users... skip steps 1-5 lol

Future Plans:
- Remove blue from dialer. For some reason, I couldn't find it...
- Some graphical tweaks.

Get it while it's Warm

Themed HTC_IME Keyboard - Voice input FIXED! Non-Flashable at the moment, had some errors with previous keyboard.

Known issues: - random arrow in when downloading

Credit & Thanks:
Gunthermic - Not at all possible without your help
Incubus26jc - For the original theme on the DINC as well as Evo.
Myn - For making such a beautiful rom.
Team Synergy - For making the best sense rom on the Thunderbolt.
Thyrus - For his awesome Ginger Thyparancy theme.
Jonasl - Themed keyboard.
Average_joes - themed market


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I'll settle for the maybe :) In the meantime I pulled the Gingersense3D skin from the Gingeritis 3d 1.0 release. It's fairly close, enough so to hold me over , lol.
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