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Good evening everyone,

Here is my newest release of Medieval for Project Elite 6.5 final
As most already know the drill this is an format
Simply flash and off to the races you are going.

Few things to note

1. Uninstall any Gmail updates you have (if you have them)
I made my 2.3.5 version of gmail match Gregs format of
installing into the data partition and not system
2. Uninstall any Market updates you have (if you have them)
Again my market is 3.0.27 and getting rid of the updates in the
data partition will make things much smoother

So here's what's themed
- Framework (modified layout and custom lockscreen wallpapers)
- SystemUI (with custom animated pulldown)
- Settings
- Gmail (v2.3.5 inverted from Ecsnead and fully themed by me)
- Market (v3.0.27 Dark Market from B-boy and fully themed by me)
- Email
- Music
- Calendar
- Phone and Contacts
- Google Search
- Talk (v1.3 with working voice and video)
- Gallery3d

Also if you go into the Elite settings and change all the notification colors
to #ffd28f00 that will give you the matching gold that I used

Pretty much everything is inverted and then taken further with theming by me. I tried to make as smooth and seamless theme as I could.

This also comes with a custom boot animation as well as a dock for LP and even a selection of wallpapers for you to enjoy.
I threw everything and the kitchen sink in here for you

Medieval Elite V6.5

Special thanks go to Mbk, GLD, B-Boy, Stetsonaw, Escnead, and many others who have helped test, give ideas, done baseline work that has helped me theme.

Enjoy and have a fabulous fun filled evening :grin:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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