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[THEME][ROM} 8-1 CM7 Nextheme style (BLUE and PURPLE)

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This is just a theme my wife and I use thought I'd share it. It is a themed version of Slayher's CM 7 RC 1.4. You will need to have the MR2/2.5 radios for it to receive data. This should be able to be used as a standalone or flashed over top of RC 1.4 (to theme it).

Alot of the Gapps are themed and included.

Here's the link, I have a purple version that my wife uses if anyone is interested

Here is my K9 Mail client that I used, themed as well

Here is the purple version of the Rom/Theme.
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BennyJr said:
So it doesn't use the theme Chooser?
No. Theme chooser didn't theme everything I wanted, so I just "baked" it in. Best to do a backup before flashing anything anyway, that way you can revert. Otherwise I could make a theme chooser theme and then have you flash a zip file to complete it, but this is just how I've been doing my themes since the Droid 1.I'm definitely not an expert.
Very nice dude!! So what's up with Abbey Thompson she single??? LOL No I'm only playing...... She is hot though, oh and make sure you tell her DV said so lol.... Nah good stuff though, my wifey likes the purple a lot, so do I actually, how about a pink theme?? Fellow dev here by the way... I've actually been bang'n my head against the wall with MIUI.. I'm actually going to bring the work here to rootzwiki as I have it up on XDA or should I say uh hmm hmm and they are a lost cause with all the BS going on...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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