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[adiv=ipsBox clear][adiv=ipsBox_container ipsPad][adiv=ipsLayout ipsLayout_withright ipsLayout_bigright clearfix][adiv=ipsLayout_content][adiv=ipsLayout_right][adiv=ipsPad ipsSideBlock]File Name: StockRed
File Submitter: Bazar6
File Submitted: Today, 09:06 AM
File Updated: Today, 09:07 AM
File Category: Motorola Xoom
[aurl=/files/download/64-/]Download[/aurl][aurl=]Changelog[/aurl][aurl=/index.php?app=downloads&module=post&section=submit&do=edit_main&id=64]Edit Mod[/aurl][/adiv][/adiv][adiv=ipsLayout_content]Everything is RED!!
Welcome to my completely overhauled v4 for Tiamat. We're now on 4.3 for Tiamat Moray 2.2.2. BIG thanks to Brut.all, and everyone who has helped me figure out this process along the way. Those who have donated to me in the past, I very much appreciate it, and it also gives me the ability to give to those who make my job a reality.

This will continue to be updated when I'm able to. Plans are to port to stock 3.2 (non-rom), and to also continue altering other apps. Any updates will be posted via recent/OP posts and Twitter (follow me @bazar6 if you'd like). And if you're feeling gracious, you can always some pocket change to help me keep the android dream alive.

Standard waiver: I / / are not responsible for anything that happens to your machine(s) while doing this, you assume all risk and responsibility. Applying these .apk's requires unlocking and rooting your device, which will void your warranty.


v4.3 for Tiamat Moray 2.2.2 - Get the Rom here.
MD5: 30290e04d63fe75cb482ed2c2991e492​
All earlier versions have been rendered useless

Mods (flash in CWM after main theme install)
v4.3 NoClock Mod - flash after main install.​
This will get rid of the small clock in the status bar. Flashing the main theme again will bring it back.​

Icon Pack v1 Stock Red

(NOT a flashable .zip)​

Stock Red Boot Animation

(NOT a flashable .zip) Please follow the instructions here on how to properly install a bootanimation.​

Archives can be found here.[/adiv][/adiv][/adiv][/adiv][/adiv]

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is there any way to get this on stock rom for Xoom??
Not sure why I didn't see this, but I am working on it ffor the 4G Xooms (3.2.2), at the moment I'm having trouble getting it to stick correctly. Will continue working on it Monday tho, will hopefully have something soon after.

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