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Proud to present our first theme. Most the Credit goes to @travp624 and @babydollcg_26. Also a few others all over the forums who helped out can't name everyone but a few bouchigo, Kirbnite. Also got give credit on twitter to @brownhornet72 for the Name Stygian.

Also remember to thank p3 and the entire my droid world and tbh team giving us a great home and awesome leaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

****UPDATED 6-21!!!!
change log
this will be the final release for stock going to be moving to theme chooser and cm7!!!!:D
*all text fixed (black on black white on white white on grey should be fixed now)
*blur calendar themed
*all around fixes and tweaks
*oh and full port up to 596 system
*fixed alarm clock when set shows wrong am/pm vs. what it is set for
*small cleanup all around
*changed system emoticons to new black style curiousity of lbiniusc thanks goes to him!!!!!!!!!

*Fixed the popup menu in blur messaging for picking inbox,trash,etc etc
*fixed recent calls when more then one call is grouped it was white text on grey bg hard to read
(updated 5.25)*fixed text in volume sliders for ringtone notifications and alarm volumes

*blur messaging inverted(some problems still exsist and I am trying to fix hopefully)
*blur alarm clock inverted
*downloads inverted
*fm radio theme updated
*new lock screen sliders
*new multi touch and swype keyboards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*few other tweaks and stuff to but don't wanna make this too long

Themed apk or others
*crt mod on
*new framework updated
*new systemui updated (changed alarm icon in status bar)
*Blurdialer themed
*Blurcontacts themed
*Blur Phone in call dialer looks amazing finally
*Accounts & settings & data manager themed
*google quick search box themed
*blur home themed (5-7 updated new wallpapers installed to blur home too)
*3d gallery installed to system (to remove if need be use root explorer and delete Gallery3D.apk in /system/app/)
*app widget picker installed to system (only works with a launcher alternative like adw or lp)
*Market themed black (plus other markets placed on sdcard in StyGian folder that can easily be pasted to /system/app/
*music has been themed
*Gmail (work in progress sick of not seeing a difference between read and unread)
*multi touch keyboard (two option read post #2) (also working on black mt update)
*Calculator themed
*file manager themed
*swype themed and grey tracer
*lots of new tweaks and icons themed
***a lot of others added to match
******to do list Retheme Swype also Gonna theme alot of the apps and include alot of new icons plus a gingerbread keyboard in the works.

****StyGian Black SC skin and StyGian Black2 sc skin for Beautiful widgets now in beautiful widgets so go dl them lol**********

This is a very minimalistic theme simple black and different greys mostly at least thats the direction its going lol.

Screenshots updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Link to full Screenshots Always being updated: HERE

UPDATED 6-21 Link to themes download HERE

Install instr.
-download file above
-Place on sdcard
-reboot into clockwork recovery
-flash zip in clockwork
*****if still on 591 get 595 deoxded Here
*****if already on stock deodexed 595 your good to go
*****if you installed StyGian Black on 595 already I suggest you reinstall the 595 deodexed file or you will have issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Usually disclaimer applies blah blah plain and simple I am not responsible if you goof up however I will always try to help anyone. Also please report any bugs or any things I may have missed or just overlooked. This is my first theme any and all input will be read and work will continue :hooray:hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

StyGian Studios requires beer money at all times :hooray

twitter: @travp624

· Themer
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When Installing theme It also installs a folder to sdcard named Stygian. In that folder I will create extras and other stuff!!!!

Right now there is three themed markets in there. Credit goes to 00.ante on xda Thread HERE
I simply extracted the actually apk's as the zip method did not work.
Please read this:If you do not see the themed market do this:
go to settings>manage applications>select all apps tab and find market then select uninstall updates. Now you should see the themed market.
Now once that is done you can use root explorer to copy and paste the themed vending.apks from stygian folder to /system/app/ BEING SURE TO RENAME COPIED FILE TO Vending.apk

Also in this folder I have included a white inverted version of the multi touch keyboard which can be installed in clockwork as its in zip format.

Stygian WHITE mt kb zip IS HERE
New Stygian White mt kb zip coming soon
Stygian BLACK mt kb zip IS HERE
New Stygian BLACK mt kb zip IS HERE

Without further ado StyGian Black Swype with grey tracer

StyGian Swype here
New StyGian Swype here

Install zip in clockwork and only install this if you have stock swype installed.

ADWTheme NOW live in market this helped me thin down StyGian Black

Go get it HERE it complements the theme perfectly
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