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Hey ALL,

Well, taking a break from everything and wanted to give out to the community with an all around BAMF theme.

(I'm not near as good as zhp pilot, but hope folks can sustain their support and give me ideas!)

Hope everyone likes it!

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What's Themed

BAMF Remix Battery (Thanks zhp pilot and the BAMF Crew)
BAMF Sense Clock
BAMF Dialer
BAMF Signal Icons (New 3G Icon included as well!)
BAMF Remix Battery
Custom BAMF Clock
BAMF Lock Ring with No Dock
Semi-Transparent Rosie


***If anyone wants this theme with the Right Rosie Button Remapped, Please let me know***

***If want your MMS to stay the same, but want other elements of the theme, just TiBu before flashing so you have a backup and reinstall after you flash the theme.***

*This will change your lock ring to the das Bamf ring I made in my lock ring thread found HERE!!!

If you want your own lock on this theme please PM me

*Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache*

*Flash in Recovery*

-Tested on Das Bamf Sense 3.0 RC 4.9 only, but may/may not work on others- *Please advise if it's operable on other ROMs*

I will NOT be held responsible for any BRICKED or DAMAGED devices, but can help with any troubles that may arise.

***Please support the "sleepin' on the couch fund" and don't forget the Thanks Button***



Your Friend Taykiin


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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