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This theme is for NexusOne/Passion running CM7 ONLY!
Version numbers will correspond to CM7 version numbers.
This theme is built nightly to correspond with the CM7 nightly builds.

ThirdEye effects the following:
o The Status Bar
o Browser.apk
o Calendar.apk
o Contacts.apk
o Email.apk
o Gmail.apk new version - v2.3.5
o Mms.apk
o Settings.apk
o SystemUI.apk
o Vending.apk new version - v3.0.27
o Adds 1% Battery Increments
o Adds Smooth Charge for Battery Charging

To install:
o copy zip to sdcard
o boot into clockworkmod
o install zip from sdcard
o reboot

Download: Nightly Build List

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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