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I've spent the past couple weeks away from my themes and focusing on Blacking Out apps and making them Transparent so I started a new theme style that I really dig... .. It's very full so just like on my regular themes, make sure you have some system space free'd up... Most apks just replace the old one but they weigh more than stock so that's why ya gotta free up some space... This isn't 100% yet but it's pretty close.. I have a few images I wanna edit and I'm still working on some of the apks since a couple are only partially transparent but I wanted to get it out for you to use and test out.. Enjoy!


Installation Instructions:

Simply download the theme, boot into recovery, wipe cache and dalvik cache (in the advanced menu), then install the theme... or use rom manager.. your choice... Make sure your Market is named Vending.apk, not and same with Gmail, either uninstall it or rename it Gmail.apk in system/app...

*This was designed to use on Chevy's themed version, if you use the unthemed rom you might have issues.. flash his themed version right over the unthemed rom w/o wiping data... it's pretty simple.. also, if you're using a theme chooser theme, you need to revert back to the stock rom or else half my images won't be themed*

What kinda fun stuff is included in this theme?

framework-res - Remixed and loaded
Browser - PartiallyTransparent
Calculator - Transparent
Calendar - Transparent (the daily events page is just inverted... still working on that one)
Camera - Transparent
ChevyNo1 Tools - Transparent
CMParts - Transparent
Contacts - Partially Transparent
DeskClock - Already Transparent
Gallery3D - Basic Themed
Gmail 2.3.5 - Transparent (inner message screen is inverted)
GoogleQuickSearchBox - 90% Transparent
LatinIME - Themed GB Keyboard
Mms - Transparent (set it to Black Background in settings)
Music - Transparent (except the songs screen??)
Phone - partially Transparent
Settings - Transparent
SystemUI - Basic Themed
Vending 3.0.27 - Transparent (I used this version since it works.. 3.1.3 gives an error on 5.5)


Facebook 1.6.4 - Transparent
GoogleVoice 4.2.36 - Transparent
Google+ 1.06 - Transparent
Dropbox 1.2.4 - Transparent
Talk 1.3 - Partially Transparent - I didn't incude this in the main theme because I can't seem to get it to launch a video chat w/o fc's.. so if you don't use that feature, then have fun with this one... the chat screen is just inverted for now..



1. Facebook 1.6.4 - uninstall your old one first, then this installs like a normal app

2. GoogleVoice 4.2.36 - Check that your GoogleVoice is located in data/app since it's a market app.. if so, uninstall it and install this like a normal app.. If your's is in system for some reason, uninstall it and reboot your phone.. then install this like a normal app.. if it fc's for the system/app users, move it to system/app and reboot...

3. Google+ 1.06 - Uninstall your old one first, this installs like a normal app

4. Dropbox 1.2.4 - Uninstall your old one first, this installs like a normal app

5. Talk 1.3 - Flash in recovery

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