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So... I've been gone for a while but today i decided i need to stop being lazy and pump out a theme. So here i am with a good start at tw4 for jt's amazing new vanilla gingerbread. Took alot of work but ive got the framework-res.apk and Systemui.apk completely done. Ill start on some of the apps tomorrow, and i have a feeling ill have to be creative in getting the aosp apps to look like touchwiz, but it will be fun.

NOTE: I'm not gonna do any themes for cm7 until theres a stable finished project... (i will not theme a rom that changes every night kthx.)

I don't have any screenshots for you but i think you guys know what to expect from my theme for comm rom... basically the same theme but a little more similar to the ec09 leak.

HUGE PROPS TO dreamsforgotten and notta for the quickpanel mod for vanilla gingerbread!!!!!!!!!!! I also made very heavy tweaks to the mod to include text and fix problems in the smali code displaying incorrect icons and unaligned text.

Download: (7/31 build) (8/04 build)

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