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This isn't a full blown theme, but more a representation of what i pictured cm9 looking like. i wasn't real pleased with the grey and white and thought i would change it. i originally made this for personal use but thought it was decent enough to share.I am by no means a veteran themer like B-Boy,GunnerMike,thefunkbot, or chopper the dog, but i like to think i did alright on this simple theme i hope you enjoy it.

Screenshots are of aokp version

Whats included:framework-res.apk
Settings.apk(for the power control widget and settings icons)
Trebuchet.apk(added different wallpapers into the stock wallpaper selection.)
Music.apk(for the themed music widget)
GenieWidget.apk(themed weather widget)

AOKP version

Before we get to the download link, lets give some credit where its due.First and for most i need to thank
**JT/Team Hacksung for this incredible rom, and Sbrissen for now maintaining it.
**Also Another huge thanks you to Gunnermike for making the accurate battery mod.
**Thanks to CMJ for making the lockscreen icons.
**Thank you to baked_tator for changing what needed to be changed for the mesmerize users.
**Also stevenspears426 for allowing me to use and modify his button mod to use in the theme.
**thanks to killabyte for giving me the walkthrough for the mms.apk
-----Give these guys a thank you, round of applause and a donation if they accept em. Without people like them.....this would be a boring phone.
*Download theme build 6 version 1.9
http://www.mediafire...9ay1ej3y9beiinr(Without the dreaded blue andriod background that pop'ed up in some apps)
*Download return to stock theme THS build 6-http://www.mediafire...wwaq8x1rdsthd5u

THS Build 6.5 theme.http://www.mediafire...x6u2z5ca1wwr5y2
THS build 6.5 Stock-http://www.mediafire...r79y4s957ghp6zy

*AOKP M3 Theme-http://www.mediafire...5ct277zjbmjyv0u
*Stock aokp M3 theme........jerk

*AOKP BUILD 27 theme-http://www.mediafire...95a2iclje9ei293
*AOKP BUILD 27 stock-http://www.mediafire...xcbhn67a50fodxe

*AOKP MileStone 4 BLUE theme-http://www.mediafire...cd9sd9n33jfh3j6
*AOKP MileStone 4 PINK theme-http://www.mediafire...ssug124hzbk1954
*AOKP MileStone 4 STOCK theme-http://www.mediafire...mtyjpry3dtxqgot
*AOKP MileStone 4 Black and White-http://www.mediafire...c4x2erg8kneckqi

*AOKP BUILD 28 STOCK-http://www.mediafire...5r5kfq1o6jtcns5
*AOKP BUILD 28 BLUE THEME-http://www.mediafire...a9ioi0y0il3ab3q
*AOKP BUILD 28 BLACK THEME-http://www.mediafire...ijwg7r4tkbj4wtg
*AOKP BUILD 28 PINK THEME-http://www.mediafire...4q158dmtokit4dc

*AOKP Build 29 BLUE-
Unity icon pack to use with nova-http://www.mediafire...39a6g3doy2vnv87
unzip the folder to your sdcard and there will be about 130 images icons to choose from.

Directions for theme
-Download to your sd card
-Boot into CWM from the power menu
-wipe Dalvik

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Works on my showcase only thing I had problems with was my on screen soft keys which I desperately need cause my other ones don't work and I'm too cheap to go get another phone ha ha. I got em working and loving the theme thanx

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Good stuff dude, just do not have the dock icons? No big deal, just makes me wonder if I'm missing something else!!

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only thing this will do to the mes is make it say verizon wireless again...which i have edited and will repost!!! (but not before the op gives me permission!!!)

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ill upload it and post it here, and if the OP dont mind id like to post a link in the ICS thread i did (with all due credit of course )

Mesmerize Version!!!

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Added themed images for those that use the onscreen soft keys. You have to manually add them into the systemUI.apk. I left them separate so baked tator didn't have to make another device specific version.
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