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[Theme] Vortex Orangeriver Rc1

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OrangeRiver for VorteX

Updated theme For VorteX RC1

Added orange honeycomb style battery icons

After flashing the theme it might loop 2 or 3 times, give it some time and if it loops for more than a minute pull battery and boot up again. Should be good if you do.

If you lose notification bar reboot and you should be good to go.

This is a theme I originally did for DarkslideX and then ported it to a few roms I was on with some edits for each one. For credits and my sources you can check my threads .


Thanks and credit for the rom goes to deVorteX, he has done great work with his rom and provides awesome support.
And thanks to all that I may have forgot or has contributed in anyway.

I am not responsible for what you do to your phone or what you put on your phone. You accept full responsibility if all does not go well, lol.

What was themed
blur alarm clock widget
googlequicksearchbox widget
most of the old blur stock icons replaced with new blur icons
replaced stock music player with themed moto music player
a few other things.

Amber Art Font Symbol Religious item
Religious item Art Font Liquid Symbol
Amber Font Publication Book cover Poster
[ Input device Telephony Office equipment Communication Device Mobile phone

place theme on sdcard where it is easy to find
Use D2 bootstrap to get to clockwork
select install zip from sdcard
choose zip from sdcard
look for where you placed theme and select it.
confirm selection
when finshed installing hit back button
select reboot now

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VorteX RC1 OrangeRiver download - http://www.mediafire...28qzb2o679qduu8

UPDATE 11-26-11 - This is statusbar tweak from DroidJunk and DevorteX. Credit goes to them, I just edited it for the theme.
OrangeRiver StatusBar Tweak download -


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Strangely awesome. Or like my kid would say, sick! I gotta find some pumpkin wallpaper...halloween is coming!
Orange River theme *and* y0rks orange theme for ADW. Yikes! Really sick. (Purposely not commenting on the "orange you glad"....but I am....)
"wulf said:
Updated theme for vortex 2.3
Still awesome....on 2.5.
1 - 4 of 50 Posts
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