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[Theme] Vortex Orangeriver Rc1

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OrangeRiver for VorteX

Updated theme For VorteX RC1

Added orange honeycomb style battery icons

After flashing the theme it might loop 2 or 3 times, give it some time and if it loops for more than a minute pull battery and boot up again. Should be good if you do.

If you lose notification bar reboot and you should be good to go.

This is a theme I originally did for DarkslideX and then ported it to a few roms I was on with some edits for each one. For credits and my sources you can check my threads .


Thanks and credit for the rom goes to deVorteX, he has done great work with his rom and provides awesome support.
And thanks to all that I may have forgot or has contributed in anyway.

I am not responsible for what you do to your phone or what you put on your phone. You accept full responsibility if all does not go well, lol.

What was themed
blur alarm clock widget
googlequicksearchbox widget
most of the old blur stock icons replaced with new blur icons
replaced stock music player with themed moto music player
a few other things.

Amber Art Font Symbol Religious item
Religious item Art Font Liquid Symbol
Amber Font Publication Book cover Poster
[ Input device Telephony Office equipment Communication Device Mobile phone

place theme on sdcard where it is easy to find
Use D2 bootstrap to get to clockwork
select install zip from sdcard
choose zip from sdcard
look for where you placed theme and select it.
confirm selection
when finshed installing hit back button
select reboot now

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VorteX RC1 OrangeRiver download - http://www.mediafire...28qzb2o679qduu8

UPDATE 11-26-11 - This is statusbar tweak from DroidJunk and DevorteX. Credit goes to them, I just edited it for the theme.
OrangeRiver StatusBar Tweak download -


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wulf said:
Updated theme for vortex 2.3

I downloaded the new Vortex 2.3 as well as the updated orange river theme and installed both without getting any errors, however after installing the OR theme I noticed that I don't have a button on the lock screen for the "sounds off" button even though if I press on that part of the screen and slide, the functionality is there. I also noticed that I dont have the menu pop-up if I hold the power button. I then installed the Blue River theme and still was missing the "sounds off" button but I did have the pop-up menu for the power button. I've reinstalled both themes several times without correcting the issue. The OR theme for Vtx 2.2 worked flawlessly and I REALLY love its' look. Thanks for all of you hard work on these themes to keep the DX looking fresh!!

wulf said:
I can't seem to duplicate your issue. I tried both themes and I even downloaded theme from the link. Could you post some screenshots with that issue? Also, did you do any prop edits or any changes of any kind?
I don't know, can you take screenshots from a lock screen? And I do have a build prop edit, I always change my lcd density to around 200 just because it looks sooooo much nicer. I didn't have a problem with that in the previous but who knows, this is a new framework and all. I'll return the density to stock and see if that fixes the lock screen. After reinstalling OR a third time, the power off menu did return.

Thanks again for the great work you do with theming.


Going back to the stock LCD Density of 240 fixed the lockscreen issue (but it's so ugly) so now I'll try finding a setting I can live with.

EDIT 2: The lowest LCD density that allows the silent toggle icon is 238 on my DX so I'm going back to 200 and just live with it. Interestingly, if I go to silent mode on the lock screen both icons will show up at 200 LCD until I once again move the lock icon to enable sound then it goes away again, FWIW.

Thanks again
Mr Wulf,

I just wanted to let you know of a "small" issue with the latest OR (I just love this theme, it ROCKS) theme for Vortex 2.5, I flashed it after the upgrade and now my lock screen icons show up correctly even with a LCD density of 200 however when I tried to use the "reboot" option from the power button menu, it sends the DX into an endless "powering down" pop-up window and the DX will no longer respond to input buttons. The only way I can get out of it is to do a battery pull. I was trying to see if I could reboot into CW from this menu but since this happens every time, I just use Dx Bootstrapper. I've reinstalled both Vortex and the OR theme from different download files but I get the same results each time. I haven't tried resetting the LCD density to stock since this is not a real issue for me but I may give that a shot even though I really don't see how that would cause this issue.

Thanks again for the great themes.
wulf said:
Hmm, I haven't updated theme since 2.3, but its still compatible with 2.5. I'm not sure what the updates change, but sounds like they affect the prop edits you did. I haven't heard of any issues like this on the other 2 forums I posted themes in. I'm no expert but if you change the density wouldn't that potentially affect touch sensitivity? Just a random guess on my part and have no experience with prop edits, sorry, lol. Wish i could be more help.
I havent seen any issues with touch sensitivity, I just think it looks better with the lower density since it like running higher resolution on a monitor. BTW, I flashed OR on 2.5 and everything worked great even at the "custom" LCD density and everything worked (including both lockscreen buttons) except the CW reboot and from looking at the change log, that may have been an issue with Vortex. I just installed Vortex 2.8 and flashed OR and it looks like everything works with the except it's now back to the mute button on the lockscreen disappearing at the "custom" LCD density. Again, no biggie since this is such a great looking theme. Any plans to update it to Vortex 2.8?
wulf said:
Ill have theme posted later today, been busy.
Just FLOCKIN awesome!!!! Can't wait to get this in my hot, greedy (but very grateful) hands!
wulf;167090 said:
Updated theme for vortex 2.8
I'm just going to have to add you and deVortex to my christmas card mailing list! Thanks again and I would like to echo the statement that this really is best theme I've seen yet for the DX on any ROM or OS!

EDIT: I've tried to install this a few times now and each time it wipes out my settings and GMail apps and causes some force closes in random places. I've tried downloading the file several times and the MD5 match, I've also wiped cache prior to installing the theme but I'm getting the same issues each time. Any ideas Wulf?

EDIT2: I downloaded the Blue River theme and installed it and it works without issue even at a modified LCD density. Another thing that I noticed is that the bootanimation in Orange River is not the nice circular animated one with sound, it's sort of a generic "android" animation without sound. Just passing it along incase the information is useful.

wulf said:
That generic animation isn't anything I put in, lol. It must be some sort of system default but say for sure. It sounds like a bad install. Reflash vortex 2.8 cache wipe only, NO DATA WIPES, boot up and go back to recovery and flash theme.
Well I tried that and the gods' of fate decided to kick my buttocks. When I flashed 2.8 and did the cache wipe, after the reboot I kept getting a lot of FC's in different applications (one was acually the touchscreen of all things) so I decided to do a full wipe. I reinstalled 2.8, rebooted, activated and then went to CWR and installed OR. After rebooting, it looked ok at first so I decided (dumba55 me) to boot into CW and do an advanced restore of data only so I would have all the apps and settings back, STUPID! I had more problems that I could count and finally ended up doing another Factory Reset/Data Wipe and reinstalling Vortex 2.8 and going through the whole reactivation, reload apps from google, ect, ect. But HEY, I got OR back!
Added statusbar tweak for VorteX. Credit for the mod goes to DroidJunk and DevorteX, I just edited it for the theme. After flashing you might lose notification bar, just reboot and all should be good.
Mr. Wulf, I just flashed the status bar tweak and now the clock shown on the status bar is HUGE! Any way to fix this? And exactly what does the tweak do anyway, the status bar looks the same to me except for the clock?

There's an option inside the droidjunk app to adjust clock size. Just open droidjunk app and look through the options for also lets you change colors in notifications and some other options.
Thanks, now that you mentioned it, I found the app hidden in the drawer and opened it up. It's pretty cool, it allows you to adjust the clock size, color and several other status bar options so I was able to get the clock size to something liveable and change the color to match the rest of the OR theme.

Thanks again
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